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"Water, Water, Read All About It"

posted May 8, 2015, 7:39 PM by kamal n chelsea maddala
We live in a place where we are free to turn on a faucet in the kitchen for drinking water and to do dishes; we turn on the shower faucet and have hot running water at our leisure. There is another place where a woman carries a large basin,or a stick with big jugs attached on each side that she carries over her shoulders. Down to a water hole she goes, a 2 mile journey-one way, she fills up the jugs and proceeds back to home. With whatever water she is able to carry that is what they have to take baths, do dishes, that is what they drink from. 

We put our first well in an Indian village in Southern India that serves 300 village people now. That's 300 people that have safe drinking water; safe water for bathing, safe water for doing dishes!!
The opportunity arises for witnessing when communities full of Hindus ask, "Who is giving us this well to use...why would anyone care enough for this?"   It is GC3:16 churches who provide the well in the village they are in, and right now we have churches in 20 more villages that we have an opportunity to put wells in their very own villages!

  We want to provide more wells at $1,000.00 each could you provide 300 more people with the wellspring of life?? Contact us for more information.....